Human Factors consulting is designed to optimize the safety and usability of products. Design Science’s human factors services fall into 3 broad categories:

  1. Providing human factors advice: finding and applying technical information about the physical and cognitive characteristics of human beings and their implications for product requirements.
  2. Providing expert product reviews: using methods such as task analysis to identify ways that the safety and usability of prototypes or existing products can be improved.
  3. Conducting usability testing: performing empirical tests—usually with working prototypes—with potential product users to identify ways that a product can be improved (formative testing) or to document the safety and usability of a product (summative testing).

Design Science’s human factors services are characterized by:

  • Extreme rigor, made possible by technical training and by years of experience.
  • Clarity regarding the implications for product requirements, making the relevant information highly accessible to product-development teams.

Tools and Facilities:

  • Proprietary portable, high-resolution, multi-camera video recording systems.
  • Live streaming of all testing for remote viewing.
  • 3 customizable usability-testing labs with viewing rooms.
  • Several unique measurement systems.