We specialize in the design of graphic user interfaces (GUIs) that are embedded in commercial (non-consumer) products, particularly products where safety and ease of use are mission-critical. Our services include:

  • Screen design: development of screens, from initial rough sketches to finalized electronic formats optimized for incorporation into products.
  • Navigation design: creation of information architectures that optimize ease of use.
  • Rapid prototyping: creation of testable hardware/software/electronic prototypes.

Design Science’s interaction design and prototyping services are characterized by:

  • Integration of human factors and design, to assure that usability is baked into the design.
  • Simple, elegant look and feel, so that GUIs appeal to users and communicate the right message.
  • Uniquely realistic rapid prototyping, that involves integration of electronics and hardware with software rapid-prototyping tools to provide testable 3D prototypes much earlier than is typical.
  • Painless integration into the product architecture, so that our GUIs are​ implementable as easily as possible.

Tools and Facilities:

  • Several proprietary rapid-prototyping tools that allow integration of hardware and software with GUIs.
  • Systems for the development of auditory signals for incorporation into products.
  • Full usability-testing systems, including 3 customizable usability-testing labs with viewing rooms.

Work samples available on request.