Recruiting and Communicating Value

The research that we do at Design Science is truly multidisciplinary; with experts in psychology, cognitive science, engineering, anthropology, and videography, we cover a pretty large range of academic and professional specializations.

As consultants, our jobs are to align all these perspectives into a cohesive and comprehensive research design. Whether in the field or the lab, we use our multidisciplinary composition to get the most out of interactions with the users we study. In the Ethnography Department, specialists in anthropology, design, videography, and recruiting communicate across disciplines to capture real-world users in their professional environments. Read more

Illustration showing relationship between verification and validation

Verification Vs. Validation: Twin Cities in the Land of Design Control

Verification and validation are two critical elements of product development. One informs the elements of a product’s design, while the other looks at those design elements in the hands of users. Although often used synonymously, these alliterative terms sit on opposite sides of the product development life cycle. Read more