Design (Science) Thinking

We put our heads together last week in a workshop aimed at expanding the role of Design Thinking in our organization’s culture.
Every day, our engineers, researchers, designers, and strategic partnership associates use the methods of design thinking to tackle, analyze, and solve problems. The workshop was an excellent reminder that humans remain the focal point of our work. We spent the afternoon developing problem-solving skills and exploring new ways to support each other at Design Science.

Emma and Ranjan expertly lead the workshop (and provided delicious snacks along the way). They challenged our team to think creatively about areas of improvement: how we can empathize with each other’s perspectives and where we can build connections among our diverse skillsets. Highlights of the final presentations included bringing goat yoga to the office, using video conferencing to strengthen relationships with remote employees, as well as organizing a feedback autobahn, an anime enthusiasts club, and a shared successes snap cup.

We quickly discovered that our personal connections and shared experiences are integral to our design-thinking toolkit. Here’s to our future!