World Usability Day

Happy World Usability Day! (video)

To celebrate World Usability Day this year, Design Science sent Larry and Ziggy out to explore the impact of design on people’s day-to-day lives. It turned out to be pretty significant.

Consider a pill bottle, probably the simplest medical device out there. Have you ever had a tough time opening one? Pressing, twisting, and squeezing? We have. And in their hilarious interviews, Larry and Ziggy quickly discovered that plenty of normal folks also find those annoying child-safe pill bottles to be incredibly frustrating.

But it’s not your fault! It’s the bottle’s fault.

Check out our video and see how satisfying a well-designed pill bottle can be. Clear directions, easy grip, and no guessing about which way to press or pull. What a relief! (Read on below)

And that’s just a pill bottle. If design makes a world of difference in simple products, imagine how important good design is in complex devices – like injectors, needles, or even tools for brain surgery. Those are some of things we help to optimize here at Design Science.

So, on World Usability Day, it’s important to remember that good design is inclusive design. Even a little pill bottle can make sure to account for those among us who have diminished vision, dexterity, or strength. After all, most of us will need to use medical products at some point, even though few of us are healthcare professionals.