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Human Factors Excellence for Medical Device Design Crossword

If you are attending the 3rd Annual Human Factors Excellence for Medical Device Design conference and picked up one of our crossword puzzles, you’re in the right place!

Crossword answers

2. Exploring underlying reasons for actions
– Probing

4. Strategy where participants are asked to narrate their actions (2 words)
– Think aloud

5. Often lacking on multi-color labels
– Contrast

6. Memory retrieval type that should be used in design
– Recognition

9. User fails to perform a task or step (3 words)
– Error of omission

11. Paper, PowerPoint, other non-interactive mock-ups for testing (2 words)
– Lo-fi prototypes

12. Adjusting the amount of space between characters to optimize legibility
– Kerning

13. We don’t recommend these due to group dynamics (2 words)
– Focus groups

15. Following a nurse around in the ICU and capturing her actions (2 words)
– Contextual inquiry

18. Well-designed pull tab makes users want to touch it, it has good _______
– Affordance

20. We love this organization

21. Type of testing if skipped usually leads to spending more $$$ later
– Formative

22. Type of question where participants rate the level of agreement on a numerical scale (2 words)
– Likert scale

23. Memory retrieval type that should be avoided in design
– Recall

25. Measurement of the human body size and distributions of physical dimensions in a population – we can capture unique data to support your needs
– Anthropometry

26. Tool to optimize efficiency by reflecting users’ understanding and expectations (2 words)
– Task analysis

1. Tool to address performance issues or perception issues (2 words)
– Gap analysis

3. Underlying reason for a difficulty or mistake on a task (2 words)
– Root cause

7. AKA expert review (2 words)
– Heuristic review

8. User performs an act incorrectly (3 words)
– Error of commission

10. Cognitive process of concentrating on one selected aspect of the environment while ignoring others
– Attention

14. Tool that provides quantitative data especially useful for label and IFU design (2 words) – we have a great system that can assist in your design process
– Eye tracking

16. AKA total color blindness
– Achromatopsia 

17. Study required for most FDA submissions
– Summative

19. _______ testing – a big part of what we do to help our clients design better products
– Usability 

24. Our video to salute this organization’s 50th anniversary was a huge hit

Make sure you see our presentation on contextual inquiry research in IV infusion centers at 12:00pm on 8/9! Paul Blowers of Abbvie will be joining our very own Susanne Cohen to talk about the insights and challenges they found. This is one you don’t want to miss!