NARCAN® Nasal Spray makes opioid overdose reversal more accessible to non-medical first responders

Recently, we conducted a technical evaluation for ADAPT Pharma, Inc. In the evaluation we compared two delivery methods for the opioid overdose reversal drug naloxone—NARCAN® Nasal Spray and a naloxone prefilled syringe with a nasal atomizer (PFS-NA). We found that the level of task complexity and number of steps within those tasks were substantially greater for PFS-NA than for the nasal formulation.

“Opioid overdose reversal is often dependent upon non-medical first responders or bystanders to intervene,” said Peter Sneeringer, Research Director and analyst for the comparative analysis. “Based on these results, we believe that the use of the nasal formulation of naloxone should increase the likelihood that non-medical personnel correctly deliver the treatment in time-critical, high-stress opioid overdose rescue situations.”

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