Design Science Attends 4th Annual Human Factors Excellence for Medical Device Design Conference

At the beginning of August, Design Science attended the 4th Annual Human Factors Excellence for Medical Device Design Conference in Minneapolis. Every year this conference attracts human factors and usability practitioners from around the world—ranging from global medical device and pharmaceutical companies to independent human factors engineering firms.

Ranjan Nayyar, a DS design researcher, presented on “Bringing User Research to the 21st Century,” during which he detailed how the latest developments in technology are changing the way we conduct user research. The presentation covered a wide array of user research technologies, as well as two in-depth case studies. One case study highlighted the use of eye tracking for medical device IFU development and the other identified how force and rotation sensors can be used to better understand how different population groups use auto-injectors.

Other presentations at the conference focused on a range of topics including human factor considerations for combination products and clinical actual use human factors testing. The conference’s emphasis on knowledge-sharing, as well as the diverse presentations and networking sessions, ensured everyone left with a fresh perspective on advancements within the field of human factors.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ranjan’s presentation, you can reach out at info[at]

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