Our typical working method is to create a Design Science team that works as an extension of our client’s internal product-development team to bring our specialized expertise to bear where it is needed.

Common projects include:

  • Conducting field research to create a body of information—about real world procedures and user needs—to serve as a foundation for new product development, or other purposes, such as marketing decision making or training programs.
  • Answering specific human-factors-related questions to support design requirements—regarding, e.g., control forces, display parameters, or, in general, how human-interface components can be optimized.
  • Critiquing early hardware or software prototypes to find opportunities for usability improvement.
  • Identifying and fixing usability problems with graphic user interfaces or designing GUIs from scratch.
  • Conducting usability testing of prototypes to identify and eliminate usability problems and/or compare alternative designs.
  • Conducting user testing to establish marketing claims.
  • Designing and executing human factors programs to meet regulatory requirements.