You have a voice at Design Science!

As a human factors research firm, we understand the importance of gaining insights from real-world users such as patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Who better to speak to the challenges of managing life altering conditions, than those who live with the reality of the condition’s impact day to day?

At Design Science, we value the opportunity to bridge the gap between those who are designing new medical products and those who will be using them in their everyday lives. Our research teams travel around the world to connect with foundations, support groups, and individuals, to provide them with low risk opportunities to engage in research (i.e., simulated use of products rather than clinical trials). Our goal is to establish partnerships that provide an avenue for your experiences to influence the future of healthcare technology. Everyone has something to add to the conversation. Design Science provides the platform to ensure your voice is heard.

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Here are a couple of upcoming events where you can find us:
September 15th: Unite Walk in Pittsburgh, PA with The National Hemophilia Foundation
October 13th: Louisiana Walks for Parkinson’s in New Orleans, LA with The Davis Phinney Foundation