Photograph of physicians operating in a catheter lab.

Answer the questions you didn’t know you had.


Understanding real world use is pivotal to successful design. It’s so valuable, the FDA now recommends it.

Extreme Rigor

We go beyond anecdotal data; our in-context interviews allow us to gather actionable information unavailable through conventional user interviews.

Proprietary Tools

Our portable, high-resolution, multi-camera video systems allow us to capture hard-to-optain footage. In addition to head-mounted cameras for surgeon POV, we use portable overhead cameras for dynamic plan views and infrared cameras for recording in dark conditions, among others. We don’t stop with video—we use physiological measurement devices to capture additional layers of data during observations when valuable.

Design researcher observing father giving his daughter oral medication.


Our connections mean you find users in hard-to-access locations.
Illustration of hospital
Illustration of IV clinic.
Data visualization of human factors research.


The most in-depth research is ineffective if no one can understand it. That’s why our Information and Visual Design team synthesizes every deliverable to produce actionable insights.

Our multi-media deliverables include:
  • Procedural overviews
  • Persona development
  • Room layouts
  • In-situ ergonomic evaluations
  • Time + motion comparisons
  • and more…

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