“Design Science has been and continues to be my ‘go to’ HFE partner because they make managing multiple new product development projects easier. They help with the gamut of work from formative to summative studies, which includes planning, team coordination, study recruitment, securing the facility, skillful moderation and root causing, protocol development, data analysis and report writing. Their ability to get up to speed quickly on projects and deliver high quality HFE execution makes them my partner of choice for a majority of our human factors deliverables and tasks.”

“Incredibly technically gifted. Design Science is uniquely able to see the forest not just the trees. When necessary, they deliver difficult feedback, but with practical solutions so we can bring forward the best commercial options. We would have found ourselves in difficult spot(s) without their partnership.”

“Design Science has been a trusted HFE partner for years. They are always customer focused, work at a very high level, are great listeners and moderators, truly understand regulatory requirement, are committed to confidentiality, and their willingness to be flexible is something I as well as my team have come to value a great deal. Beyond that, they manage the studies we work on with them so well and are highly competitive from a cost perspective.”

“Truly experienced partner in designing safe products with the focus on the needs of the end users. Design Science brings so much knowledge in product development, regulatory pathways, and risk management. Customer-centric and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the Human Factors testing meets regulatory requirements globally.”

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